Audience Engagement Tool for Speakers, Marketers & Seminar Leaders

Keen to increase audience engagement?  If you’re in front of audiences and wanting to engage and get their details so you can continue the conversation with them, this one is for you! A lead generation platform for presenters.

You know I love trying out new apps. And I’m pretty selective.  Well this one has got me fired up! This is the coolest app I’ve come across in a while.

If you regularly speak to audiences and wonder how to get their details so you can continue to converse with them (read, marketing opportunity), this one is gold.

This app can help you get your audience’s email details for follow up. I was able to convert a free speech into a lucrative day! All via a simple audience engagement tool: Talkbook.

You can load up your bonuses, handouts, vouchers, videos, books or anything else you think will be valuable to your audience. Give them a simple link, and if they want the bonuses, they can access them, in return for their email address. Bam!

You are now online buddies. Simples.

Audience Engagement made simple

Here’s how it worked for me. I was asked to speak at a national industry association conference. Loads of members, no budget to pay the speaker. Years ago I vowed I would never fall for this one.

But hey, times are tough! So I agreed, cos I had this ace up my sleeve. The only way the audience could get the value was by giving up their email address. Ooh yeah!

I worked hard that day. But not for nothing as has been the case in the past. This time, I was able to have a fair exchange. You get my value offer, I get your email address. Can’t get more fair than that!

And I was able to have an ongoing conversation with the audience who now knew me, and knew my value offer. Instead of having to print loads of resources that would be binned by those who didn’t value them; those that did value them could have ongoing online access to them, print off multiple copies and use my resources for their teams. Now there’s a win-win!

You spend a lot of time creating your resources. So why not get the most out of them by offering them to hungry audiences who now know how what you offer can add value to their world.

So now, I don’t cringe when I’m asked to speak for free. The age old, ‘We’ve got no budget’ is no longer a war-cry, it’s a ‘Come on Down!’ I’m happy to provide solid value, but there’s a hitch. You don’t get it for nothing. You get it by having a conversation with me. Online. That’s it. Not hard. Just simple, honest communication.

Via Talkbook.

Yeah, did I mention the app that makes this all possible: Talkbook.

I give you value. We continue to talk. Simples.

* (credit to Simples.)

Here’s the mechanics behind Talkbook:

You create a new talk page in your Dashboard quickly and easily.  It takes just 5 minutes to create a mobile optimised webpage containing your offer that you can share with your audience.

Talkbook optin

Your offer is delivered directly to your attendees inbox, as soon as they claim it, sent from your email address.

Talkbook emailed offer

Talkbook also has detailed analytics so you can track your audience’s engagement.

Talkbook analytics

There’s a few more cool features too:

  • When you add your handouts (this part is really cool), there are icons so you can designate your bonuses as books, gifts, slides, videos, links, newsletters or a discount.)
  • You can also tailor your messages to subscribers, and add optional inputs for audience messages and ratings.
  • There’s a one-click CRM import, so you can move the optins straight into your database.
  • As the emails are sent from your email address, it’s easy to reply and continue the conversation.
  • There’s also social media integration, so attendees can receive links to your social media profiles.
  • Once you’ve uploaded your resources, you can create a slide (provided by Talkbook, which is editable) to add to your presentation. Voila!  Now you can refer your audience to the app at points through your presentation to increase optins:

Talkbook slide

Talkbook really is the easiest way to collect email addresses from your live audience and increase audience engagement.

You can start using Talkbook for free (no credit card required).  You’ll get 2 free talks to trial it and then it’s only $19 per talk (or $25/month for unlimited talks).

Check out Talkbook here (click this link).

So love me, love me, love me! (I really mean it, you gotta like this post and share it! This is the coolest app I’ve come across in a while).
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