Write the Perfect Sales Pitch for your next Coffee Meeting

Your sales pitch and coffee.  The two go together. A friend of mine says you can judge how many sales you’re making by how many times you need to visit the restrooms. That is, if you’re in business development mode, you’re drinking plenty of coffees.

Coffee meetings are a great way to get to know a new prospect and see if there’s potential to do business together.

But it’s a wasted opportunity if you don’t know how to engage them quickly and get them interested to hear more about what you do.

So, how do to get prospects to:

  1. Understand what you do, and
  2. Get excited enough to want to do business with you?

Do you dread the question, ‘So tell me again what you do?”.

Have you tried to write your elevator pitch or conversation script but struggle to sound confident and concise?

Here’s 3 ways to help you to nail your Perfect Sales Pitch:

  1. Define your Brand Description.

    We’re not talking about brand in terms of your logo or marketing collateral. We’re talking here about describing your core offer.

    When people get to know you and your business, how would they describe your business and what you provide?

    In your notebook, create a heading that says “I/We provide …” and aim to encapsulate your key offer.

    For example, At AchieverNet we provide ‘Productivity Programs for Business Growth’. That’s our core offer. What’s yours?

  2. Determine Your Customer Trademark.

    Your customer trademark is the reputation you create around your offer. It’s what you’re known for.

    You may want to re-define this for the future. Title your notebook, “We’re known for …” and summarise your trademark.

    For example, at AchieverNet we’re known for ‘Optimising Business Performance, Productivity and Profits’.

    Once you’ve defined your trademark, you need to live and breathe it in everything you do so that you become known in the way you’ve described

  3. Describe your Value Offer.

    This is often referred to as your Unique Selling Proposition, or Value Proposition. Essentially, this is describing the value you create for your customers.

    What do they get from you that they can’t get elsewhere? What do you offer that’s different, and valued by your customers?

    Head your notebook with “Our customers benefit because we …”.

    At AchieverNet, our value offer is that we ‘Provide systems and strategies that generate growth and leverage productivity for a community of extraordinary achievers.’

Your Pitch In Practice

Once you’ve created your 3 statements, practice reading them out loud to remember them, tweak them and internalise them.  Do this until you’re confident to proudly state them at your next business meeting.  You’ve just created the basis of the perfect sales pitch.

When you get asked “So tell me about what you do?” you can use one, two or all 3 of these statements to start your conversation.

It sounds like this.  “Thank you for asking. At AchieverNet we’re known for optimising Business Performance, Productivity and Profits. Is business growth something you’re interested in?” (Get customer’s response)

“Perfect! We increase performance through our premier Productivity Partnering Program. It’s called The Advantage Program.  Our customers benefit from the systems and strategies in the program that help them leverage productivity. So they can achieve better results quickly.  Would you like me to run you through some details of the extraordinary results being created in our community?”

Play with your brand description, your core offer and your customer trademark until they roll off the tongue. Practice with your team. In front of a mirror. Until you own the response.

Enjoy your next coffee!