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The People Magnet.

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Build Stronger Relationships with Clients & Colleagues!


Have you ever had these thoughts about any of your clients or colleagues: “Boy, can she talk!” “I just can’t seem to connect with him”. “She takes so long to make a decision”. “He’s so quiet”.

Understanding and getting along with people is at the core of building quality client, staff and supplier relationships and valuable business partnerships. It’s an essential business and life skill.

This program provides an understanding of the differences in people’s behavioural styles so you can more easily connect with others.

Quickly build rapport and successfully communicate with a range of people, hold greater influence, and more effectively resolve conflict.

Learn the art of people reading and leave The People Magnet program with techniques to build your relationships, strategic alliances and business opportunities.

What You’ll Learn:

The People Magnet will help you to:

    • Understand, appreciate and leverage your own behavioural style, personal strengths and priorities
    • Appreciate differences in others & see situations from different viewpoints
    • Quickly identify and read people’s behaviours and communication style
    • Adjust your own style to communicate more effectively with others
    • Break through past communication conflicts and create new, healthier ways of engaging and interacting

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Contact AchieverNet for more details on ‘The People Magnet’ program. Request a Quote for an in-house program, or book straight into our next Public Program. You can also Download the Course Brochure.

AchieverNet offers the
following program options:


The People Magnet is run as a one-day public program in Adelaide. Ideal for individuals or small groups.

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The People Magnet can be run in-house as a one day program, a custom option or personal coaching.

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