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The Creative Genius.

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Generate Fresh Ideas & Innovations!


The ability to think strategically and creatively is critical in our rapidly changing world. The Creative Genius program will help you to generate, evaluate and select new ideas and solutions quickly and easily.

Creative thinking will help you to be innovative, generate possibilities and opportunities never before considered, and easily change direction where required.

This highly practical program will provide you with a range of strategic thinking and brainstorming tools and techniques. You’ll learn how to create fresh ideas to help you solve current problems, make better decisions, and plan more effectively for the future.

What You’ll Learn:

The Creative Genius will give you:

  • Different ways to think about thinking
  • Stages in the Creative Process
  • How to access the creative brain on demand
  • Practical tools to assist with brainstorming
  • A range of techniques to think creatively
  • Methods to generate new ideas and original solutions quickly and easily
  • Processes to evaluate and select the best ideas and solutions

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Contact AchieverNet for more details on ‘The Creative Genius’ program. Request a Quote for an in-house program, or book straight into our next Public Program. You can also Download the Course Brochure.

AchieverNet offers the
following program options:


The Creative Genius is run as a one-day public program in Adelaide. Ideal for individuals or small groups.

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The Creative Genius can be run in-house as a one day program, a custom option or personal coaching.

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