Bookkeeping made easy – Manage your Business on the go

I hate bookkeeping and accounting!

There, it’s out there.

But the reality is, it’s part of business, and it needs to be kept up to date.  So our challenge was to find simple and streamlined online accounting software so we could spend more time doing what we love rather than bookkeeping.

3 key priorities for our Bookkeeping software:

When we launched AchieverNet in 2015, we had 3 key priorities when selecting business tools: mobility, simplicity of use, and connectivity/integration between different tools and apps.

  1. Mobility meant cloud applications were the way to go.  That way, we could engage with the team no matter where we were travelling, and still keep our finger on the pulse. We wanted apps that we could log into seamlessly across PC, tablet and phone.  We wanted to set up a business we could run on the go.
  2. Simplicity was a must-have! Who has time to decipher complex programs? We were after tools that were multi-optioned with one-click, real-time simplicity.
  3. Integration between different apps was high on the wish-list to save data-entry time and effort.  We know of a business that has to re-enter the same data into 3 applications because they’re not connected.  Such a waste of time and resources!

Beautiful accounting softwareWe wanted a secure, reliable platform with real-time functionality.

In terms of an accounting package, there was a clear winner.  Xero.  Our research found that Xero was by far the stand out choice in terms of online small business accounting software.  So much so that we signed up not only as users, but also as part of their partner program.  (What this means is that we may receive a commission if you purchase using the links we’ve given you in this article.  The amount you pay is no different whether you use our link or not, but the reason we do this is simple.  We’re in the business of education, and we hope that our time researching the best apps and tools to grow your business is valuable to you. The partner commission is a small compensation to enable us to continue our research and education).

There’s a 30-day free trial (with no credit card required) so it’s a no-brainer to get underway straight away!  You can trial Xero with complete functionality and make your own mind up if it’s for you (but we’re confident you’ll absolutely love Xero, particularly if you have plans to grow your business and want a robust accounting platform that will grow with you!)

Easy to set-up, we were up and running with our tailored chart of accounts within minutes.

Xero integrates with our CRM and payment gateways superbly.  There’s over 500 apps that connect with Xero, including inventory, point of sale, eCommerce, payroll, time-tracking, document management  … you name it, so you can get on with doing business the way you always have.

The monthly subscription starts at $25, with advanced features including payroll for $50/month.

So if you hate the finance side of your business, you’ll love Xero.

The things we love about Xero include:

  • Bank feeds give immediate access to bank statements so we’ve got a real-time view of our cashflow and can reconcile transactions quickly and easily to keep up-to-date.
  • The mobile app is fabulous, with expenses able to be quickly and easily added on the go so we don’t lose any receipts or claims.
  • The dashboard shows a clear visual of our bank accounts, invoices, bills and expenses so we know exactly where the business finances are sitting.
  • Tax reporting is simple and easy, with GST reconciliations and BAS reporting connected to the ATO portal for easy lodgement.
  • Education and support is terrific.  Xero update their help section regularly, with search, notifications, training and events, and on-screen videos and guides available to guide through all functionalities.

And the piece de resistance.  Our bookkeeper and tax agent are able to login and do what they need to do to make sure everything is as it should be.

So we can get on with doing more of what we love.

Check out Xero here!

Manage your business on the go