Transform Yourself into a Dream Employee

Admittedly, being an employee is not an easy task. You are expected to reporting with the least amount of absences and lates, perform and deliver all of the tasks you’re responsible for, and more.  It’s definitely a taxing job that takes a toll on anyone.

But nowadays, maintaining a job is a vital factor for survival. Jobs are our main source of income, which we use to pay for food, clothing, and shelter. Being a regular employee won’t get you anywhere in your workplace. Strive to be the best employee there is using these tips, to help you transform yourself into a dream employee!

Know Your Employers

Getting to know your employers will make it easier for you to grasp how they essentially work. Getting to know your employers (specifically what they need from you and how you should deliver it); will make it easier for both of you to have a functional employee-employer relationship. Building trust and camaraderie will flow naturally, allowing both of you to help each other efficiently.

Discover Your Employers’ Goals

After knowing how your employer works and what they need from you, discovering your employers’ goals should be what you should try to find out next. Finding out your employers’ deliverables, projects, stats, and more, will aid you in aligning your actions to support their success. Try to ask them what their goals and priorities are during one-on-one meetings, or try sending them a work-related e-mail about it.

Find the Answers, Instead of Pointing Out the Problems

To become the best employee, you need to start proactively scoping out for solutions that could help overcome various challenges. Train yourself to focus on solving the issue, instead of keeping your eyes on the dilemma itself. Offer to help in any way that you can, think up ways to address the trouble down to its roots, and do your best to aid to expediting the fix of any complications.

Mind Your Deadlines

Deadlines are very important, and it should be a part of your priority to either meet (or beat) them. Your commitment to meeting them is a sign that you’re being responsible, and keeping your end of the bargain. Submitting your deliverables, and finishing your tasks on (or before) the deadline is definitely a habit you should develop.

Make Your Word, Your Bond

The quote “Do what you say; say what you do,” is very important, and if you’re aiming to become a dream employee. It means that you follow through what you said you were going to do, and that you keep true to your words. Be the person who takes accountability for their actions, and who follows up on their commitments.

It’s impossible to be the best employee overnight. It’ll take time, and a lot of effort to transform yourself into one. However, you will greatly benefit from it, and you’ll be making your employer happy and grateful. Pace yourself and strategically apply these tips, and you’ll slowly (but surely) be a dream employee for any boss, manager, supervisor, and employer in no time.


Sharon Kaibel is a performance and productivity coach. Sharon helps business owners create the strategy, structure and systems to build and grow a profitable business. Join her Closed Facebook Group, the #ACHIEVERNETWORK for the community, resources and trainings to become an extraordinary achiever.