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The Legendary Leader.

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Become a Strategic, Empowering Leader that Gets Results!

Legendary Leader

Strong leadership galvanizes teams and produces results.

Legendary leadership is about setting a vision that engages the team, being strategic to move the organization forward, and empowering people to drive stronger results.

This program provides essential frameworks to create a leadership plan, vision and strategy to achieve your business objectives. And equally as important, how to be a strong people manager to get the best out of your team.

Learn the frameworks to set the vision, engage and galvanise your team, and deliver bottom line results.

Be the leader the team admires, respects and works hard for. And generate the synergies of an empowered and productive team.

What You’ll Learn:

The Legendary Leader provides strategies and frameworks to:

  • Think strategically and create a compelling vision that has pulling power for your team
  • Set objectives, strategies and action plans to drive results
  • Understand the people in your team; their priorities, preferences and drivers to build strong, committed relationships and results
  • Provide a motivating and energising work environment
  • Deliver effective feedback and coaching to drive enthusiasm and productivity
  • Galvanise the team to work at a high performance level.

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Contact AchieverNet for more details on ‘The Legendary Leader’ program. Request a Quote for an in-house program, or book straight into our next Public Program. You can also Download the Course Brochure.

AchieverNet offers the
following program options:


The Legendary Leader is run as a one-day public program in Adelaide. Please check our Events Page for dates. Ideal for individuals or small groups.

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The Legendary Leader can be run in-house as a one or two day program, a custom option or personal coaching.

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