Motivate to Activate: Motivation Methods to Induce Productivity

Motivation is one of the primary drivers that help companies and businesses increase an employee’s productivity. Knowing how a staff thinks, and what makes them tick, is as important as keeping the amount of revenue in check. However, anyone wouldn’t expect business owners and CEOs to perform this complicated task.

This is where the managers come in. They figure out how what exactly motivates the people under them. Managers play a huge role in creating effective motivational strategies because they’re the ones who are personally tending to the staff. With that being said, here’s a couple of strategies that’ll help managers to motivate their teams.

Build on Trust

Trust is very important in any organisation, workplace, or business. In fact, trust is one of the most crucial aspects about inter-human relationships. A manager can gain an employee’s trust by allowing them to communicate, and hearing them out. This opens the door for each party to know what they expect from each other, and develop a positive relationship.

Establish Reward Systems

Rewards are one of the most effective strategy that employers can use to motivate their employees. Everyone loves being rewarded for doing a good job, and that incentive is the right kind of push that people need. Of course, incentives doesn’t always have to be in cash. It’s best if there’s a variety of them like travel perks, bonuses, free lunches or dinners, vouchers, paid time off, and many more.

Credit Where Credit’s Due

Some of us may not admit it, but receiving praise and recognition is a very good feeling. This makes it one of the most highly efficient motivational strategies. It gives someone this exhilarating rush of happiness and fulfilment. A simple “Good job!” or “Keep it up!” after accomplishing a task, especially if it’s a task that was very, very challenging, lifts people up. Providing someone the recognition they deserve will boost their morals up, leaving you with an employee that works harder, and produces output better.

Offer Career Advancement

Nobody wants to stay where they are. Every one of us aims for growth, and we aim to achieve greater things. With that in mind, it’s important that the business has available avenues and opportunities for their employees to experience growth. Managers play an important role here because they’ll be ones ensuring that people will be promoted, so long as they are deserving for the promotion.

A survey done by LMA (Leadership Management Australia) called L.E.A.D (Leadership Employment and Direction) Survey back in 2013, showed that 79% of employees agree that opportunities for training and development is “Very,” or “Quite,” important in making them stay with their employers.

Now if you’ve noticed, all these motivational strategies lead to one thing: Happiness. Happiness is the number one factor that affects the level of production, retention, and performance, that employees can give to the their employers. Keeping the staff happy is a sure way to make them produce more, stay longer, and perform better, without even telling them to.


Sharon Kaibel is a performance and productivity coach. Sharon helps business owners create the strategy, structure and systems to build and grow a profitable business. Join her Closed Facebook Group, the #ACHIEVERNETWORK for the community, resources and trainings to become an extraordinary achiever.