Manifest what you want this year!

This is a story about manifestation.  There’s a bit to it, so stay with me.   For the past couple of years, I’d been thinking about getting a new home.  Our current home was just too small for us and our teenage children.  But over the past few years, I’d been hugely busy at work so put my dreams of finding my ideal home on the back burner.

Our dream house

Around 18 months ago, I read some material about clearing space for new things to arrive in your life.  At the time we had a storage locker full of furniture from when I met my husband and we joined homes. I decided to clear this out so we could stop the ridiculous monthly storage fees and literally, to get our house in order.  One thing led to another.  The stored bedroom suite was nicer than the one in our home so we arranged to sell off the old one and put the newer one in.  We decided to paint the bedroom before the change-over.  We then thought it would be opportune to re-carpet while the bedroom was empty. And if we re-carpeted the bedroom, why not also re-carpet the other areas to match? And paint them too before the new carpet went in?  All up, it turned into a major re-sprucing of the house. We cleared all our unwanted belongings and finally felt organized enough to move, if the opportunity arose.  That was December 2012.

Then in late December, browsing the real estate sites, I noticed a house that looked divine.  We couldn’t get to the house inspection until back home from holidays in January. When we turned up, the agent informed us the house had been placed under contract the night before, but encouraged us to look through anyway in case the contract fell over.  The house was divine and the contract didn’t fall over.  We missed out on the house of our dreams by one day!

I kept the brochure.  It became my night-time companion: I would pore over it each night and see myself living in this house.  I got attached. I couldn’t help myself – the brochure was like a drug to me, so much so that my husband called it my ‘porn’ and although he loved the house too, told me to ‘get over it’.  Around 10 months later, whilst clearing up, I decided to clear my bedside.  But I just couldn’t let go of the brochure. I tucked it away again, to be secretly perused and admired.

A mere 3 weeks later, browsing at real estate online, I saw our house, the house … for sale again!  It had come back onto the market.  All up, it took 3 emotional weeks of wrestling with the real estate agent, before we secured the property. We moved in on 7 February this year, a full 13 months after first seeing the house!

I decided in January last year I wanted this particular house.  Just over a year later, we moved in.  It started with clearing the space, getting rid of unwanted things and making room to make changes in our life.  It has ended with the manifestation of our dream home.

What do you want in your life this year?  What do you need to clear to make space for it?  What actions will you take to begin the clearing process?  How committed will you remain to your goals? What will you manifest this year?

Decide now, clear the space and do what it takes to make it happen.