7 Steps to Become a Powerful Public Speaker



Want to be a powerful public speaker? Learn the 7 key steps to prepare, design and deliver a powerful presentation:

public speaker

  1. Purpose and Preparation: What is your purpose for speaking?  What do you want your audience to think, feel or do differently as a result of hearing you speak? If you’re not clear on why you’re speaking, neither will your audience.  Discover the information you need to help you clarify your purpose and define the context for your presentation.
  2. Presentation Design: What are your 3 key points? Wrap these inside a powerful opening and close.  And add STAR moments (Something They’ll Always Remember) to engage your audience.  Learn 3 simple ways to quickly design a powerful, clear and meaningful structure for your presentation.
  3. Create High Impact Visual Aids: How can you avoid ‘Death by PowerPoint’?  Learn techniques to create stunning Visuals and other aids to add interest and variety.  A picture paints a thousand words – make sure your visuals say the right things.
  4. Manage Anxiety: Nerves can get the better of some speakers.  Discover physical and mental preparation techniques to overcome nerves, and get your ‘butterflies’ flying in formation.  And learn how to get back on track if the sweats overtake you while presenting.
  5. Deliver with Confidence: Stage-craft is an art.  Where do you stand for maximum impact, what do you do with your hands, how can you use your body language to support your message and help your audience to pick up your key ideas?  Learn techniques to help you look like you own the stage and feel confident when you stand in front of an audience.
  6. Question Time Techniques: Even the best speakers can fall apart in Question Time.  What if you get asked a question you don’t know the answer to?  Or if you have a heckler intent on de-railing you?  What if someone tries to take over the microphone by continuing to ask questions of no interest to the rest of the audience?  Learn how to maintain interest and credibility through question time; and manage Hecklers and Know-it-alls easily and respectfully.
  7. Professional Presence: Even the best prepared presentation can be ill-received if the speaker looks sloppy or slovenly.  You can add weight to your message by looking credible on stage.  Learn how to avoid distracting clothes or mannerisms  through your presentation.
Discover the techniques to design a powerful presentation in minutes, deliver with confidence and make an impact when next you are called to present at a meeting, conference or social event.   Contact us to book in to one of our public programs, or to book a session for your team or individual coaching.  And become a confident, skilled, and engaging presenter.

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