Motivational Methods that’ll Help You Get Your Waning Motivation Back

There will always come a time when we lose faith. A time when we feel down, when it looks like the obstacles in front of us are insurmountable. We feel down, we lose focus, and it seems like all of our drive has been sapped from us.

During trying times, we tend to lose a very important part of attitude, and that is motivation. Motivation is an important driving force for growth. Without it, one would have no reason to strive and thrive. If you want to get it back, then you need effective methods of motivation in your arsenal.

Seek Inspiration from Your Peers

One of the easiest ways to get inspiration is to simply take the time to take a look at your peers. It’s nice to have people who you can talk to. People who can relate with the struggles, and challenges you’re going through. To have people who can give you advice, feedback, listen to your concerns, and be there for them as well.

Having this support network will let you help one another grow together, supporting and encouraging everyone along the way. You can even setup friendly challenges, and have a bit of fun in the process. Your peers can be good source of inspiration for you, which will dramatically motivate you. But the best part is that you can also be an inspiration, and motivate them, as well.

Communicate with Your Customers

Sometimes, you don’t really have to look far to find motivation. Sometimes, they’re just right under your nose, waiting for you to make an effort to reach out to the ones who have always been there for you since the beginning. Where can you find them, and who are they? Well, they’re your valued customers. The ones who truly matter.

By making your channels of communication open, and by deliberately reaching out to them, you’ll be able to provide your patrons with a better customer experience. You’ll be increasing customer engagement by talking to them, which is the perfect opportunity to get to know them better as well. The exchange of information, and the conversation, will give you time to see things from their perspective, which happens to be one of the methods of motivation that almost everyone in the business uses.

Remember Why You Started

There are times when the weight of our burdens are too much for us to bear, that we forget why we started. Always take the time to step back and take a look at the bigger picture. Reflect on the reason why you started, the hopes you had, the dreams you want to come true, and the struggles you’ve been through. Look inside you and get that motivation back recalling what made you start.

Whether you’re a business owner or not, methods of motivation are for everyone who needs them. It is meant for people who are looking to grow and overcome obstacles. People who are looking to improve their businesses into something bigger and better.


Sharon Kaibel is a performance and productivity coach. Sharon helps business owners create the strategy, structure and systems to build and grow a profitable business. Join her Closed Facebook Group, the #ACHIEVERNETWORK for the community, resources and trainings to become an extraordinary achiever.