Improve your Social Media Presence this Financial Year

Are you a small or medium size business? Social media is one of the strongest tools you can use to attract your target customer, position your brand and create a loyal following.


CHOOSE which social media platforms are best for your business. Keep in mind that each social media site has its own target audience.

First, you need to analyze your company’s demographics and mission: Who is your target audience? How can you reach them?

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Facebook has over 2 billion daily users and is the biggest social media network to advertise on

  • You can reach your audience in an informal setting which encourages comments, reviews, and fast promotion
  • Facebook Adverts allow you to target your posts to specific audiences, locations, age and interests.

TIP#1: Due to its conversational atmosphere, it’s essential that you are fast to reply to messages, comments or negative feedback

TIP#2: The use of multimedia posts is likely to increase your engagement by 65%, so post videos and interactive graphics


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Targeted to businesspeople, LinkedIn allows people to stay updated with your business news

  • Remember to network with potential clients and employees, message and connect with them
  • Publish articles that appeal to your target customer – what do they need/want and what can you provide them?

TIP#1: Post less promotional messages and more business-oriented advice that appeals to professionals

TIP#2: Experiment with photos and videos as this increases engagement and your posts are more likely to be seen

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As one of the world’s most popular photo sharing sites, Instagram has become an excellent marketing tool for businesses

  • You should aim to post photos that appeal to your target demographic and use #hashtags to make your posts more visible
  • Users must scroll past your advert to see other posts. Get involved with Instagram’s targeted advertising!

TIP#1: Increase your followers by engaging with industry influencers and similar businesses, make your brand known

TIP#2: Always post photos with a similar theme/colour/context. This will help to translate the right message to your customers

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Twitter limits you to 140 characters but gives you the chance to be exposed to over 320 million active users.

  • Try to make your posts less informational and more attention-grabbing
  • For Twitter, always think “Less is More”

TIP#1:  Build your brand image by retweeting posts that appeal to your company’s values and your target audience

TIP#2: Remember to follow industry leaders and identify which of their posts lead to the most engagement. Follow their trend


Keep on achieving!

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