10 Tips to Help Entrepreneurs Get Motivated

Most of the time, entrepreneurs have a number of challenges on their plate. Leading your own business is certainly not an easy task to do, which makes some people crack under pressure. Things like managing employees, thinking up business strategies, and more. However, these types of obstacles are not the hardest one to overcome.

The most difficult hurdle that an entrepreneur would ever encounter is the lack of self-motivation. This issue takes more than just your brain to resolve. It require your heart, discipline and willingness to practice motivational strategies. Strategies that you can use to help you get past this hurdle.

1. Create a Personal Mission Statement

Use the same principle of mission and vision statements to your advantage. Create a personalized version of it, meant for yourself, and keep it close to your heart. Write it down, bring it with you wherever you go, read it aloud, memorize it, or even have it tattooed in your body. It should serve as a constant reminder about the reasons why you became an entrepreneur, and why you keep on doing it.

2. Form a Plan

Your mission statement would be rendered ineffective without a plan. Make a plan that will help you have a definite understanding of what you wish to attain, and how you’ll accomplish it.

3. Establish a Routine

Humans are habitual creatures and we thrive in doing routines. Establish and start a new positive routine that you can incorporate in your life. For example, you can have a morning routine where you evaluate and polish your plan, giving you the right momentum to start your day.

4. Have a “Me Time”

We understand that you’re busy and that your time is precious. You’ve got your hands full with meetings, negotiations, advertising your business, and more. But always remember to set time for yourself, so you can unwind and relax. Take a walk, meditate, drink water, anything that helps you slow down for a bit.

5. Set Reminders

Even if we’re constantly on top of our game, there are times when we slip up. This also causes us to overdo things, thinking we won’t run out of fumes. But we are simply humans and we always need balance. One of the best motivational strategies you can use is the art of setting reminders like “Take a break!” or “Time to get back to the grind!”

6. Give Yourself a Treat

We are even more motivated to do something good when we receive a reward. That being said, don’t forget to reward yourself for accomplishing a goal, doing good in taking care of yourself, or in maintaining a positive habit.

7. Engage With People

Sometimes, a healthy and friendly competition is the push that we need. Talk with your friends and communicate with people. Share with them your goals and ask them to setup challenges for you to beat.

8. Feed Yourself With Inspiration

It’s a good idea to constantly look for inspiration. Indulge yourself with inspiring movies, books, documentaries, or talks. Feed the fire inside of you by listening to some podcasts, or watching TED talks, in your free time.

9. Always be Positive

The time will come when you’ll be down. Hardships will arrive that’ll challenge you in the most difficult way. But always remember to choose being positive. You do not have control over everything, but you do have control over your mind and reactions. Allow yourself to be down. To wallow. But in the end, always choose to be positive, no matter the circumstance.

10. Get Some of Those Essential ZZZs

Sleeping and rest is something that every entrepreneur underestimates. Sleeping is helpful for you to maintain a positive outlook, and to be motivated. If you feel energetic, upbeat and lively, then you won’t have any reason to feel demotivated at anytime.

At the end of the day, being motivated all boils down to you. Motivational strategies are there to make you realize that you have the power, and have always had the power, to stay motivated. It’s a mindset that these 10 tips are designed to enhance and maintain.

Sharon Kaibel is a productivity and performance specialist. Contact Sharon to learn more about The Advantage program, 30 Days to Done, and 52 Wins. Sharon is a keynote speaker, trainer and business coach, and can help you and your organisation to get more done.


Sharon Kaibel is a performance and productivity coach. Sharon helps business owners create the strategy, structure and systems to build and grow a profitable business. Join her Closed Facebook Group, the #ACHIEVERNETWORK for the community, resources and trainings to become an extraordinary achiever.