Tips on How to Stay Awake at Work

Back in the days when work consists of laborious tasks, it was only physically draining. Workers back then had to move around, pick things up, nail this and that, just to get the job done. Though everyone was tired at the end of the day, none of them felt sleepy during the day. In today’s standards, things have changed a lot since then, and work is quite different now.

Though it’s true that laborious jobs remain, most of the employees now are facing their computer screens, crunching on numbers, sending reports, etc. Work now consists of sedentary office tasks that’s both mentally draining, and makes one drowsy. Fighting sleepiness can be challenging, but we have some tips on how to stay awake at work, to help everyone be productive in the office.

Listen to some Tunes

Listening to some music while doing your work can help keep your eyes from closing. Having some of your favorite tunes filling your ears (not too loud though ‘cause it might damage your hearing) is useful when you want to focus. An upbeat tune will get you pumped up and energized, ready to tackle on any task presented to you.

However, it’s important to take note that not every company lets their employees listen to some songs. It’s best to confirm with your Human Resources department first, before you even consider making a playlist.

Eat Lighter Lunches

Want to know how to stay awake at work? Then answer this question: Have you ever eaten so much that you ended up feeling sleepy after? Well, that could also happen at work if you’re not mindful about the amount of food your stomach consumes.

It’s best to eat lighter lunches to avoid that lulling feeling after a heavy meal. Aside from missing out on those reports, you’ll also be gaining unwanted body fats from eating too much, so eating light during lunch is a win-win strategy.

Get Yourself some Fresh Air

The power of getting up from your seat, and talking a light walk to get some fresh air is amazing. The simple act of walking stimulates better blood circulation, coupled by an open area with a nice breeze, is more than enough to get your wakefulness levels back to the top. Walking also stimulates some of your muscles, which means you’ll be able to send more nutrients to different parts of your body.

Sleep Better to Stay Awake Longer

A lot of us often disregard the importance of a good sleep. You can’t expect your body to feel awake if you only gave it 2-4 hours of sleep. Even 5-6 hours of sleep can sometimes be insufficient, so be sure to get 7-9 hours of sleep in the evening, so you’d have the needed energy to avoid feeling drowsy throughout the day.

Learning how to stay awake at work is helpful for the company you work in, as well as for the employees. Being awake keeps everyone alert, productive, and attentive to others. It helps build a better workplace which is full of life and growth.


Sharon Kaibel is a performance and productivity coach. Sharon helps business owners create the strategy, structure and systems to build and grow a profitable business. Join her Closed Facebook Group, the #ACHIEVERNETWORK for the community, resources and trainings to become an extraordinary achiever.