Get a Spring in your Step & Reclaim your Business Bounce

The weather of the past few months has been volatile … floods, storms, tornadoes. Unprecedented conditions. And it seems Australia’s not alone. There are peculiar climate conditions the world over.  And your business profits may have suffered in sympathy.

With the grey skies and the threatening rains, it’s been hard to get motivated to race outside for stellar business building activity.

Coupled with Vitamin D deficiency (did you know that up to 58% of Australians are now Vitamin D deficient, up from around 1 in 4 people only 4 years ago?), it’s no wonder people feel a bit down in the dumps about their business results, coming out of winter. If you didn’t know, being down on Vitamin D can cause the SADS – Seasonal Affective Disorder Syndrome, or feeling blue.

So now that the sun’s starting to shine again, it’s time to get back that spring in our step. And get ready to take off on a business sprint to the Christmas finish line!

Here’s 5 tips to get back your Business Bounce:

  1. Hit the Cafes. Being trapped inside on rainy days is no fun. But it can get to be habitual to stay stuck in front of your computer. Now the weather’s conducive to it, schedule more customer facing appointments. A colleague of mine has a business building tip – the Bathroom Buster – he reckons if you’re not needing to go to the bathroom at least 5 times a day, you’re just not scheduling enough coffee appointments with potential customers.
  2. Run a Webinar around your area of expertise. Prepare loads of value and promote it as a free event on Eventbrite, then send the link to prospective and current customers. Let them know they can invite other friends or colleagues that may be interested. And include some sort of offer to promote your business as a bonus for attendees.
  3. Reconnect with your Network. Comment on people’s posts on LinkedIn and Facebook to remind them you’re still around. Start posting your spring offers. Place a “How’s it going?” call to people you haven’t spoken to in a while. Take notice of what other people are doing to get noticed and model it. Run a fresh campaign as a reason to visit.
  4. Publish new content. Rejuvenate your LinkedIn, business Facebook, Blog or other social media sites with fresh content. Get tapping on that keyboard to create interesting new content that adds value to your network. Or get out the camera and take a few snaps or record a new video showing off your new products or services. It doesn’t hurt to remind people about what you do. Get back to Top of Mind with prospects and clients by being visible.
  5. Pamper your Referral Partners. Cold calling is no fun. And it generally won’t net you the same results as the referrals gained from your partner networks. Think of something creative you can do to add value to your referral networks. Turn up with morning tea, useful merchandise or a bunch of spring flowers to thank them for their past referrals. Who knows, you just might walk away with some new business.

The winter blues can be shaken off with focused activity. Use the sunshine to put a spring into your step, a smile on the dial, and profits into your pocket.

And if you’re still finding it hard to get motivated and need a bit more prodding, call us at AchieverNet on 1300 402 722 to book a free Strategy Success session. Or join our Advantage program – a 90 Day Results Sprint where we act as your accountability coach to set and achieve extraordinary goals. You’ll get more done in the next 90 days than you ever thought possible!